Please join us for our wedding celebration on June 16, 2018

Our Story

Our love story starts out like most; boy meets girl at NDSU, boy takes girl on a first date at a little Italian restaurant, fireworks explode in the sky as the two fall in love. Ok so maybe that wasn’t exactly how it went but you get the idea. After our first date at Stella’s in downtown Fargo (the little Italian restaurant), we started the first chapter in our love story.

After college, career starts, and housing changes, things continued to move forward and so did our love for each other. During an impromptu trip to Red Lodge, MT in February, Cody proposed. On the long drive back to Fargo we realized just how much of our hearts Montana holds. It only made sense to have our wedding there. Being surrounded by mountains, wide open space, and the people we love most - we couldn’t ask for anything more.

We are so excited to celebrate the start of chapter two in our love story with YOU! Please know that the time, effort, and expense in traveling to be with us is something we do not take for granted. We are grateful for your sacrifice. If you can’t make the wedding, we are still so thankful for the love, support, and part you’ve taken in creating our love story alongside us. Your prayers and well wishes are just as important.

Now, you may think my description of the engagement seems a little… well, skimpy. You wouldn’t be wrong there. I would love to divulge the rest of the story but you’ll have to join us to hear all the details. See you in June!

~ Kaylee


Your presence at our wedding is the only gift we need. Anything else is greatly appreciated but not expected.